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A.M. Justice

A.M. Justice is a lover of science and wit, sporadic scuba diver, and once and future tango dancer. A Brooklyn-based author and science writer, she writes about medicine by day and fiction by night, and has received awards from Writers Digest, Reader’s Favorite, and the Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Her characters live only in her head, but they’re real, and she puts them through hell. To find out more, follow her on the Internet:

Website: www.amjusticeauthor.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AMJusticeWrites
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AMJusticeauthor/

A Wizard's Forge eBook

"Scholar. Slave. Warrior. Wizard.

Victoria was once a shy but ambitious scholar. That life ends when slavers sell her to a vicious tyrant who strips away everything she knows and loves, forging her into something darker. Deadlier. Escaping captivity, she finds refuge with the tyrant's enemies and joins their war against him. Now as Vic the Blade, she hunts for vengeance.

Prince Ashel leads a carefree life, more renowned for his musical prowess than his royal blood. A murder leads him to swap his harp for a dagger, but his path of revenge leads straight into the tyrant's trap.

Determined to rescue Ashel, Vic must first reckon with a mysterious race who holds the key to defeating her enemy. A legendary power may be her only chance to destroy him, if it doesn’t kill her first.

A blade sharp enough for vengeance requires a wizard's forge."

A Wizard's Forge on iTunes

Leah Casey brings Vic the Blade to life in this stunning and moving narration.

A Wizard's Forge on Audible (Amazon)

Leah Casey brings Vic the Blade to life in this stunning and moving narration. (Free with 30-day Audible trial.)

A Wizard's Forge Signed Paperback

"While supplies last, every signed paperback bought directly from my website will be shipped with a custom-wrapped Hershey's Special Dark chocolate bar. Enjoy the dark chocolate goodness, and use the wrapper as a bookmark!

(Offer good only on paperbacks bought directly from amjusticeauthor.com. Price does not include shipping.)"

Kill Squad: A Woern Saga Prequel Short Story

"Subscribe to the Knownearth Citizen's Newsletter and receive the free short story, ""Kill Squad""!

When the Purge began, Maitchen was given a choice: become an Enforcer or have her throat cut then and there. She chose to keep breathing and do her part to heal the world of the madness caused by wizards like her. Fifteen years later, Maitchen finds the last pair of fugitive wizards and a confrontation that will make her question everything she believes.

This short prequel to A Wizard's Sacrifice (coming October 2020) takes place roughly a thousand years before Victoria of Ourtown, aka Vic the Blade, was born. When Vic became a wizard, the mysterious race that bestowed her power called her the One. In A Wizard's Sacrifice, Vic discovers what they meant and what fate has in store for her and the ones she loves."

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