Ian Lewis

Ian Lewis prefers not to be bound by a particular genre. Though the inspiration for his work varies, it often finds roots in something he dreamt. He strives for a gritty realism and maintains an interest in the humanity of his characters. His hope is that readers find themselves haunted by his stories in the sense that the narrative sticks with them long after they've finished reading, leaving them with a subtle restlessness for more. Mr. Lewis is the author of the experimental Driver series as well as From Legend, the first novel in a Gothic Western series known as the Reeve.

From Legend

Sober, serious, and driven, Logan Hale is the highest peace officer in Beldenridge, and he knows his city better than anyone: the labyrinthine streets, the vaulted architecture, and all the dark corners where tales of mutations and a vicious enemy still linger like hushed secrets. Logan is quick to dismiss these accounts as part of a storied past with which he’d rather not contend, but when a suicide investigation leads him to believe there’s something more sinister at hand, he questions whether that near-forgotten lore isn’t the stuff of legend after all.

The Camaro Murders

"The first book in the experimental Driver series, The Camaro Murders is a stark account of a small town murder told from four perspectives, one of them from beyond the grave.
The man known as the Driver wanders between the living and the dead, tasked with gathering murdered souls. When he learns a young girl's killer will act again, he must make a choice: carry out his duty or intervene to save a boy's life."

Lady in Flames

"The shadowy character known as the Driver arrives at the weary town of Halgraeve with little more than a reluctant sense of duty. As he observes five people connected by a flurry of revenge-fueled arson, a secret unravels that will prompt him to step in and alter the course of their lives.
Book two in the experimental Driver series."

Beacon Road Bedlam

"When Sheriff Eustace Hildersham comes into possession of his father's once-lost revolver, he suspects there is more to the story than he remembers. He sets out on a personal investigation only to find himself caught between another family's grudge and a dogged reporter with malicious intent. Hildersham continues to search for the truth, not knowing it will lead to another appearance of the Driver and his phantom Camaro.
Book four in the experimental Driver series."

Power in the Hands of One

Troy Brink responds to the urgent call of a friend only to find himself thrust into a struggle for control of a technology that powers three intelligent super-weapons. He clashes with a religious extremist group and a clandestine tech organization as he tries to make sense of the cryptic messages left behind by the weapons' creator.