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Joyce Hertzoff

Joyce received a B.S. in Chemistry from Queens College in New York City many many years ago.

She retired in 2008 after forty-five years in the scientific literature publishing business and moved from the dreary mid-west to the sunny southwest where she and her husband love their mountain view and spicy food.

She tried her hand at a novel for the 2008 NaNoWriMo, producing a romantic mystery that's still in the editing phase.

Through several more NaNo sessions and classes at Writers Village University, she wrote two fantasy series and several short stories. The Crimson Orb, the first novel in the Crystal Odyssey series, was originally published by the Phantasm Books imprint of Assent Publications in June, 2014 and republished in 2017, followed closely by the sequel Under Two Moons. The flash mysteries, Natural Causes and Say Cheese were published in the anthologies The Darwin Murders and Tasteful Murders. A short story, Princess Petra, appears in The Way Back anthology. Her young adult fantasy novella A Bite of the Apple, published in 2016, won the New Mexico Press Women’s fiction contest prize in the YA category and second place in the National Federation of Press Women’s contest.

Joyce acts as a mentor and facilitator at Writers Village University and as managing editor for fiction for the MFA certificate program ezine. She’s also a member of Southwest Writers.

The Crimson Orb: Book one of The Crystal Odyssey series

Searching for their missing magic teacher, a young woman and her brother learn about their world and must use all of their skills.

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