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Noor Al-Shanti

Children of the Dead City

"A Mad Sorcerer.
A weak King.
A defenseless city.

When a unit of trained soldiers kidnaps Dargoth from his mother’s arms, claiming he is needed to fight in the war, his mother tries to protect him. But she is no match for the unit of trained soldiers at her door.
As Dargoth and his mother struggle to reunite, the Mad Sorcerer’s relentless attacks throw their Kingdom into chaos and despair, and they find themselves up against forces and intrigues far beyond what they could have imagined. "

Wandering Storm

Loud banging resounded throughout the house. The housekeeper pushed a servant aside and wrenched the door open angrily. A man stood on the threshold, dripping rain and mud and blood. A stormy night brings Wandering sailors to a sleepy farming town in the High Kingdoms.

Nyarai: Traveler of the Circle

When her grandmother is kidnapped from their small farming village Nyarai sets out to find her and bring her back home. In a town on the edge of the Kingdom of Jade she stumbles upon a small orphanage and uncovers a dark secret that brings back memories of the Giant War she escaped as a child and propels her into an impossible quest. A quest that pits her against the terrifying Sorcerers of the High Kingdoms. Join Nyarai on an adventure that takes her from the highest peaks of the High Kingdoms to the darkest secrets below the ground...

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