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P.W Hillard

Currently living in South Wales with his beautiful wife and two cats, P.W Hillard is a writer of
dark urban fantasy, horror and science fiction. His major influences are Stephen King, Clive
Barker and especially the works of John Carpenter. As well as horror, he reads fantasy and
science fiction, and is a voracious consumer of novels.

Outside of fiction, his other obsessions are tiny toy soldiers and giant monster movies. He also
spends far too much time playing video games when he should be writing books.

The Void Beyond

In the vastness of space, something lurks in the darkness.

Captain Morgan Starling and her crew travel the stars, shipping cargo from one system to the next. Easy work, until first contact with another race devolved into all-out war.

Now, they’re under attack from humanity’s mysterious alien foe, ambushed in the void between systems. When an unknown vessel comes to their aid, events spiral out of control, a twisted secret within its haunted corridors threatening to consume them, body and soul.

What they discover within will shatter what they know of life and death. Dragged into a battle with monstrous, unfathomable forces, they must escape the nightmare creatures that lurk out amongst the infinite black of space.

Forced into a desperate struggle for life, the crew must survive, if they ever want to get home.

Blessed By Fire

Something sinister lurks in the town of Pontypridd, nestled between picturesque valleys. It whispers in Claire’s mind. It knows her secrets, her dark twisted desires. It can help her fulfil them, to complete her horrifying wish. All she needs to do is let it in.

The detectives of the secretive Special Investigations Department work tirelessly. They are the first and only line protecting mankind from the supernatural, and the supernatural from mankind. Detective Constables Jess Holden and Mark Curren head to the small Welsh town. Their task, to investigate a haunted house, and exorcise it if needed.

Caught between two supernatural foes, Mark and Jess turn to help from the unlikeliest places. Can the detectives trust their allies? Can they stop the growing threat before it threatens reality itself?

A compulsive thrilling horror novel, Blessed by Fire is a terrifying debut.

The Knower of Truths

They wanted a saviour, what they got was a tour guide.

Michael liked his nice, normal life. It was fine. Until aliens arrived on Earth, looking for their holy planet.

But Michael adapted to life on an alien filled Earth. That is, until he’s kidnapped at gunpoint and whisked off to the stars by an alien who thinks Michael is his holy saviour. Chased across the stars in a case of cosmic mistaken identity, Michael must face angry pirates, strange aliens and impossible worlds.

The drums of war beat across the universe, stirred up by the appearance of the fabled messiah. A millennia-old standoff threatens to crash down around Michael, as he learns that belief has a power of its own.

All Michael wants to do is go home.

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