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Rod Van Blake

Ancient Illumination

First contact/Military scifi novel that has beings of pure light come to us while we are still cave men. One of these beings is exiled here and things escalate until we mutate and technology is necessary to control some of the mutant classes.

Ancient Illumination II

This is a continuation of the Ancient Illumination story where a new invasion threatens to destroy the Earth and other planets in the Milky way while the GMC and Kison Askari forces are still fighting among themselves.

Ancient Illumination III: Godhood

This is the third book in the Ancient Illumination series where Queen Tunisia has to take the helm and negotiate a shaky peace between the GMC and the Kison Askari in the mist of another outside threat while her son the Prince is sent off on a mission of self-discovery and for safety.

Ancient Illumination Vol 1 the Graphic novel

This is the start of Ancient Illumination in illustrated form. Babylon, the ancient from Atlantis tells a tale of how the beings of light came to Earth and we see the beginnings of the Kison Askari revolt!

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