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Sandra Ulbrich Almazan

I’m Sandra Ulbrich Almazan, a hybrid science fiction/fantasy author. I’m the author of the fantasy Season Avatars series. This series is set in Challen, a feminist, polytheistic version of Victorian England. Challen is affected by Chaos Season, a magical weather storm that randomly mixes up the seasons. It’s up to four young women called Season Avatars to save Challen. The Season Avatars is complete with five books.
In addition to the Season Avatars series, I’m also the author of a haiku book called Life at Seventeen Syllables a Day and SF Woman From A-Z, a reading guide to women authors of science fiction and fantasy.
I also like to crochet Star Wars characters, including Porg and The Child from The Mandolorian.
Please let me know if you have any questions about my work, and thanks for stopping by! My website is www.sandraulbrichalmazan.com

Paperback Copies of my fantasy novels

Paperback copies of my fantasy books: Seasons' Beginnings, Scattered Seasons, Chaos Season, Fifth Season, and Summon the Seasons. Autographs/dedications available at no extra charge. Price is per book exclusive of shipping.


Homemade cloth lanyards about 18" in length using four layers of cloth. Choice of following fabrics: Pokemon, Harry Potter, Porgs and R2-D2, or Plain Porgs.

Crocheted Dinosaurs

A purple pterodactyl (about 10" tall) and a dark blue stegosaurus (about 11" long) with rainbow plates and moveable legs. Crocheted and stuffed.

Ach-To Avians

The cutest crocheted birds from a galaxy far, far away. About 3.5" tall. Come in a variety of colors.

Crocheted Child

A youngling both Forceful and adorable. About 8" high and over 12" wide at the ears. Crocheted and stuffed. Only three available.

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