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Sue Tingey

S M Hardy is the pen name for the supernatural/horror works of the fantasy author Sue Tingey. Born in South London Sue now lives in Torquay with her husband. She spent twenty-eight years working for a major bank and, after taking voluntary redundancy in 2001, spent another fourteen or so years working as a practice manager for an arboricultural consultancy. She has now given up the day job to allegedly spend more time with her husband; he however has noticed that an awful lot more writing appears to be going on. Sue admits that storytelling is her obsession and was thrilled when she was offered a three book deal in 2014 for her Fantasy trilogy The Soulseer Chronicles. The first of her new supernatural crime Dark Devon Mysteries series, The Evil Within is published by Allison and Busby. You can learn more about Sue on her website www.smhardy.co.uk or contact on Twitter @SueTingey

The Evil Within

"On the brink of a breakdown, Jim Hawkes quits his high-powered job in the city to rent a cottage in the Devon countryside. Almost immediately he is plagued by strange occurrences: a combination lock that won’t open, loud noises the attic, the figure of a little girl always just out of sight. His new friends are convinced he has found his way to the village for a reason - to solve the mystery surrounding he death of a child. But as Jim is haunted By the ghosts of the past and endangered by a real world threat in the present, it soon becomes apparent that true evil never dies."


Lucky has always know about her own psychic powers - after all her closest friend is a ghost - but she knows nothing of her long dead family . . . Until a daemonic assassin brings a message that drags Lucky down to the Underlands - and a political fight for the demon king’s throne.


"Lucky’s being wooed by Jinx, the Deathbringer and Jamie the Guardian so the daemon world isn’t too bad. But, before Lucky can start to enjoy he new life in the Underlands, her friend Kayla’s men are slain and Kayla is kidnapped by the Siccarii, assassins for hire, members of a death cult. Lucky knows that her enemies are using Kayla to trap her - but what choice does she have. She must save her friend and at the same time stop a takeover bid for the daemon throne."


Lucky de Salle was dragged into the Underlands against her will, but there she found a whole new world - and a whole new life. She always knew she was psychic, but discovering her ghostly best friend was in fact her demon half-sister - and she herself is half-demon - came as a shock. Falling in love with two men wasn't in her game plan either, but that's working out brilliantly. Or it was . . . but now Jinx the Deathbringer has been kidnapped by Lucky's enemies, who intend to use his powers to destroy the worlds above and below. And Jamie has tried to use his own powers to control her, destroying her trust in him. Now Jamie and his fellow Guardians have been ordered to bring Jinx back in - dead or alive - before he can rain destruction down upon the earth. If Lucky is to save him, and forgive Jamie, she'll have to learn to use her own burgeoning powers - and fast!

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