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J C Steel

I write sci-fi and UF adventure set on planets and in places parked just a little off-parallel with this one. Most of my characters have been broken at least once and got back up to eviscerate someone with the broken edges. I don't write to Grade 6 level, none of my characters could find PC with a GPS, and I'm ecstatic to say that my reviews divide evenly between "But it was so complicated!" and "Awesome!"

I was born in Gibraltar and raised on a yacht around the coasts of the Atlantic. I’m an author, martial artist, and introvert. In between the necessary making of money to allow the writing of more books, I can usually be found stowing away on a spaceship, halfway to the further galaxy.

Science-fiction and urban fantasy are my favourite genres to write in. I grew up on a rich diet of Anne McCaffrey, Tolkien, Dorothy Dunnett, and Jack Higgins, and finally started to write my own books aged fourteen. I can't point the finger at any one book or author that set me in my current direction, but I blame my tendency to write characters who favour drastically practical solutions on some mix of those. If I can toss in a bit of gender- and genre-bending, so much the better. Status quo is boring.

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