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Trish Heinrich

Trish has been obsessed with stories about female heroes ever since she put on her first pair of Wonder Woman under-roos and spun around. After realizing that fear of failure had been holding her back, Trish became her very own hero and participated in National Novel Writing Month in 2015.
Since then, Trish has braved the constant attacks of her nemeses Inner Critic and No Time, in order to achieve the impossible: An artistic life with two kids!
Trish was one of the co-creators of the super hero comedy web series “The Collectibles”. Her first novel “Serpent’s Return” was re-released in 2019 and is the first book in an Urban Fantasy Superhero series, The Vigilantes: The Rise of Heroes. Trish currently lives in Washington State with her writer/editor/producer husband, and their two geeky children. You can find her and her superhero series at www.trishheinrich.com

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