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A Fantasy Convention For Staying The F*@$ Home

QuaranCon2021 is a fantasy convention organized by Virginia McClain and a handful of absolutely amazing volunteers who decided to put on a virtual convention that would be free to all involved. After our Stabby Award Nominated efforts of 2020, we were really hoping not to be needed again in 2021, but with vaccines still rolling out, many of us will be waiting until the fall or later before in person cons are a thing again. This makes us sad. So we decided to get the band back together, and put on yet another convention that everyone can attend from the safety of their own living room.


Our con is small and is meant to be inclusive, welcoming, and fun! We're still working on details for 2021, but please check back here often to find more details about all our fun events (and in the meantime, enjoy the panels from last year's con)! Our entire staff are volunteers, and we all have other jobs, so please bear with us as we try to get things organized as quickly as we can. 


Stay safe out there people! (And stay the f*@$ home if you can.)


Interested in sponsoring us? 


Contact virginia@quarancon2020.com

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